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Design consultancy

Industrial kiln construction & mechanical processing enterprise: was established in 2005, is a unit directly under Thai nguyen fireproof material joint stock group company, internal accounting, open a separate account under the authorization company.

• Enterprise mechanical and industrial furnace construction work on the following areas:

• Processing repair and assembly machinery industry.

• Design of industrial furnaces used in steel, furnaces phero ...

• Consulting design cement kilns: Fireplace back, blast furnace .

In addition, establishment and management consulting organizations make investment project to build civil, industrial, monitoring, process management construction and installation, testing collected works, draft bidding documents and transfer of technology operations tuynel oven ...

After 5 years of existence and development, enterprise and mechanical construction industry furnace designed and built many of the good quality customers high trust, such as design, build incinerator company urban environment, building cement kiln back Three messages, Bim Son Cement .