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New electricity prices expected to apply from 01/3/2010 .

After the 4th EVN plans for adjusting electricity prices, Electricity Department to regulate the three proposed projects, the last of the Prime Minister of Industry and Commerce was the plan with the lowest average electricity price in 2010 increased 4.98% compared prices made in 2009, apply by March 1, 2010.

Issues surrounding electricity price increase in 2010 was Prime Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Deputy Minister Bui Xuan Khu was meeting with press-dimensional 26/1.

He said how the three plans for the Department to regulate electricity prices electricity proposal?

If compared with the increase of 10.58% and 5.68% next to the plan for increasing electricity prices in the lowest 4.98% rate will not significantly impact the economy and people's lives as well as cost of production.

2010, we still face many more difficulties in the economy of Vietnam has just "sick" day, they want to increase slowly. To macroeconomic stability, in 2010, the government has reduced incentives for businesses, like interest rate cut support package, the bank began to tighten monetary market borrowing more difficult, more taxes feedback for return.

Now, if the increase is more difficult for businesses to do more. We proposed electricity price plan, the lowest, to see the stamina of the economy, life and how to calculate more.

Specific electricity prices will be adjusted how?

We plan for the lowest electricity prices for the average electricity price in 2010 was 1019 VND / kWh, up 4.98% compared to the average electricity price made in 2009 (970.9 VND / kWh).

With electricity prices increase less than 5%, if the Prime Minister agreed to the plan, the Ministry of Industry and Trade will have the right decision. Point proposed by January 3, 2010.

The choice of plans for increased electricity prices are the consultations of the ministries and related agencies such as Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Planning and Investment and relevant agencies. In addition, we also report fully to the Prime Minister to the Prime Minister more detailed review and make final decision.

In fact, making many plans for adjusting electricity price this is a big reason comes from coal. What if electricity prices rise less than 5% of the price of coal will be like?

Based on the plan proposed, if electricity prices rise less than 5% of the price of coal for electricity production only increased by 15% compared with the price of coal in 2009. Fact, increasing the coal industry requires very high power to 149% but only if less than 5% increase is only increasing as the coal only. Coal must be slightly disadvantaged.

Coal to market goods, but now we take the target macroeconomic stability, stability of life. Electricity price is increased by that route if the input of electricity as coal, electricity price increases will not bear too strong popular. Including gas and electricity sold to the world. Electricity prices so high that the poor can not tolerate.

Moreover, the coal industry nor loss. 2009, longer than a few trillion words. Thus, if the coal sold to electricity only increased 15%, although the low price, but we see, coal still tolerate.

Obviously, as he said, although the electricity price has been adjusted but not the market price and will increase to?

In fact, compared with the region, their electric rates are still very low. The foreign companies to explore the power sector investment or financial institution for its international loan for power projects, see electricity prices are too low they afraid.

A problem, we increase the electric power price rules but when the dollar is still equivalent, even lower than the dozen years ago. Meanwhile, the income of the people we are still low, so the government still supported the policy electricity prices for rural and remote areas, remote and poor.

Therefore, electricity prices must be equal to the market area and encourage investment in electricity sector, to ensure enough power for life and economy. The government also has guidelines on electricity price increase is going to be a roadmap, increasing gradually.

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