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Thai Nguyen fireproof material joint stock group company.

Pic 1 New electricity prices expected to apply from 01/3/2010

After the 4th EVN plans for adjusting electricity prices, Electricity Department to regulate the three proposed projects, the last of the Prime Minister of Industry and Commerce was the plan with the lowest average electricity price in 2010 increased 4.98%...

Pic 1 Keep the basic interest rate 8%.

State Bank has issued decisions keep the basic interest rate in Vietnam dong at 8% per year from 1 to 2. This is the third consecutive month, keep the basic interest rate 8%.

Pic 1 World steel prices will continue to increase in the long term.

According to economic research India Smita Joshi Saha, after more than 50-60% reduction since August 2008, price growth back on the international market and this trend may be extended when demand requirements of the automobile manufacturers to recover.

Pic 1 2010 - World economy will be brighter.

The Reform say the simple, but implementing it is not easy. Looking back at the crisis and has seen many companies Shedding, and many organizations no longer exists, but we can confirm, the economy in 2010 will be brighter.

Pic 1 Company shares corporate Refractories Thai Nguyen: 3 solutions for cleaner production.

As industry refractory characterized the Thai nguyen firefroof material joint stock group company always encountered some problems like the environment too much dust in the production line ...

Pic 1 Thai nguyen firefroof material joint stock group company: Confirm position in product quality.

With the aim to become producers refractory industry's leading building materials in Vietnam, Thai nguyen firefroof material joint stock group company has been promoting the construction of new investment projects.