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Thai Nguyen refractory joint stock group company


Thai Nguyen refractory joint stock group company is the first of refractory companis in Viet Nam. Our refractory products supply for large field in Viet Nam as : Metallurgy, cement, chemical, building material, ceramic and other industries...

In addition, we also produce variety of high-grade refractory brick for joint- venture companies in Viet Nam an export : Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia... We have technology line, equipment synchronized and modernized form materials process to press, dry, fire the products. Specially full of press machine system from 630 to 1.600 MT, fricti on machines : 500 MT, 630MT, 1200 MT, 2000MT, made in America, Germany , USSA and China.

Modern shuttle and tunnel furnace system control by PLC center and industrial computer ( temperature of shuttle kiln is 1.800 C max, tunnel kiln is 1.650 C max )

Output capacity of our company reaches from 60.000 to 65.000 MT of product per year. We always renovate technology, invest modern equipments to improve the quality of products meeting best strict demands of market.

Products are manufactured and consumed by Thai Nguyen refractory joint stock group company as :

+ Variety of high alumine brick ( Al203 content from 50% to 85% )

+ A and B clay bricks

+ MgO-Cr2O3 bricks.

+ MgO bricks

+ MgO-spinel bricks

+ dinat bricks

+ Zircone MgO-C bricks

+ Light in sulation bricks

+ Garnex

+ Acid re-sistant bricks...

And refractory castables, ramming grits, mortars, grits, amorphous refractory materials...

In addition, we also produce dolomite and lime used in metallurgic industries... with faculty of experienced technicians who graduated by Viet Nam and oversea institutes.

Scope of products and business of our company are : design, execute, repair, and build industrial kilns and thermal equipments .

We would like to have cooperation of science and research into advance technology in oder to exploit natural resources in Viet Nam, improving quality of refractory products to meet the demands of customers in domestic and oversea, specially replace the import products .