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Thai nguyen refractory joint stock group company: Confirm position in product quality.

With the aim to become producers refractory industry's leading building materials in Vietnam, JSC corporations Refractories Thai Nguyen has been promoting the construction of new investment projects, in order to improve product quality and competitiveness in the market, confirmed the position of economic integration.

Currently, prices of raw material to produce fluctuating has caused difficulties for businesses. Before this situation, JSC corporations Refractories Thai Nguyen has strongly expanded investment, capacity building, in order to stabilize production and increase competitiveness for companies. In 2009, despite facing many difficulties due to the impact of economic recession, the Board of Directors remains focused direct investment to expand existing production capacity and build a portfolio of class new strategies in the sustainable development of the company from now until 2012 as Decision implemented projects clearance limestone mine in Lau Thuong commune - Martial Chew - Thai Nguyen for granting construction land Manufacture of Ceramic alkaline in Ha Nam have applied for mining clay in Phu Lac - Thai Nguyen.

In addition, the company invested a new 630 ton press system in the workshop Tao; tuynel 101m renovation fireplace and furnace coal gasification ... Especially, the company involved to contribute capital 51.6% charter capital with JSC Trade and Export Refractories Thai Nguyen (VCTN).

In parallel with investment in construction, improve production capacity, building strategic expanding distribution channels, which emphasizes development of the domestic market and are highly valued and a goal throughout the development of the company. It is creating the image and brands of Thai Nguyen refractory bricks on the market at home and abroad ... products company has participated in major projects in the works to build cement production lines, training steel such as line Bim Son cement plant; Son Cement; Hoang Thach Cement; Cement Dong Tam; Standard Electric steel - Thai Nguyen Iron & Steel Company ... Mr. Nguyen Nhu Khue - Director of JSC Xi Bim Son Cement said: "JSC corporations refractory Thai Nguyen is a traditional customers Bim Son Cement. We select our products of refractory materials Refractory materials for Thai Nguyen durability of the works. The "bricks that said" once again confirm product quality and prestige of the company in the market.

Other products such as heat-resistant concrete, brick types ... we always meet the quality requirements and also occupy large market share. Until now, the company has established and expanded sales channel in its branches in Hanoi, Hai Phong, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, and recently, the company to open branch in Ninh Binh .. . Entire system of distribution channels of the company is managed by staff with professional ability and professionalism is very high. Company's products not only present in countries in the region, but also reach the market of great on steel and cement sectors as Korea, Japan, Denmark, Taiwan, Indonesia ...

To build the solid step in economic integration, now, the company concentrated potential, promoting the advantages available, maintain stable production, ensuring product quality and progress Delivery ... Strengthening the management on all aspects, improve the management labor, strengthen discipline, discipline of the executive departments, improving quality and productivity performance. On the other hand, identified cost savings as well as a solution to improve competitiveness, Board of Directors The Company has actively campaign staff made the save, in order to reduce the price of products, improve production efficiency and business.

Sustainable development associated with environmental protection is one of the criteria developed by the company, led the company said, as well parallel to the work environment in the industrial hygiene, improve working conditions for workers, in 2008, the Company has participated and completed Phase 1 of the cleaner production program (CPI) - The Ministry of Industry and Commerce, to reduce harmful to the direct production and environmental pollution around.

The last months of 2009, in the context of the more significant unpredictable changes, the Board of Directors, the Board, all staff has set a target company completed in excess of planned targets. Striving to produce and consume more than 20 thousand tons of refractory bricks and other metallurgical dolomite lime, brick building on 30 million turnover over 230 billion, the average income reached 2.7 million per person per month.

Between the noises of the machines filled and the heat from the furnace temperature 1800C are frozen, but the workers are still hard on the machines. The bricks absorbed sweat of generations of workers have been a lock in the big ones. Busy with making a lot of worries surface, but we speak, General Director Le Van Binh still confident sharing plan for the future: "The company is gradually the construction of infrastructure, improve force production line towards building a corporation producing refractory materials found in Vietnam in 2012.

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